Founded in 2012 TOPCHIP ELECTRONICS is one of the largest indepedent distributors of semiconductor and passive components. With headquarter in California, USA, TOPCHIP ELECTRONICS currently has more than 80,000 different components in stock and provides superior service and support to military, aerospace, and industrial OEMs and CEMs around the world. TOPCHIP ELECTRONICS is renowned for its world-class efficiency, superior services,and extraordinary ability to supply electronic components that are hard to find and even obsolete.We have taken pride in our innovation, reliability and service, especially in the semiconductor marketplace. Our distribution brands include TEXAS INSTRUMENTS,ON,ST,TOSHIBA, NXP, MICROCHIP,CYPRESS,FREESCALE,ATMEL,AD, ALTERA,etc. We distributes over 200,000 products ranging from semiconductors to resistors, capacitors, diodes, inductors, connectors, transistors, sensors and so on. Our mission is to meet and exceed all the expecations of what we supply to customers.

Services we offer

  • Efficient supply management
  • Extremely thorough incoming and outgoing inspection processes
  • Fast Sourcing & Delivery
  • Cost-saving procurement

Quality oriented

We take quality seriously, TOPCHIP ELECTRONICS understands quality is of paramount importance to the production industries and to the safety of consumers all around the world. This is why we have adapted multiple procedures to prevent counterfeit product from reaching our end customers, we always try our best to supply the best quality goods and services to our customers.

  • Rigorous quality control
  • Electrical testing(available upon request)
  • Every part number we ship has been thoroughly inspected before shipment

Your Faithful Supply Chain Partner

Please browse our website to discover how TOPCHIP Electronics can improve the efficiency and profitability of your procurement. Please contact a member of our sales team now, We are always happy to solve your questions and guarantee a friendly and professional service tailored to your requirements. Your business is very valuable to us!


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